It has become quite clear: e-bikes are the most efficient way  to get from A to B in Atlanta. ElectroBike Georgia stocks the largest selection of electric bikes in the Southeast. All of our bikes have three modes - traditional pedaling, pedal assist, and throttle - giving you the power to ride further, flatten Atlanta's hills, and experience any part of the city at your own pace. With the lowest prices, unbeatable customer service and warranties, home pick-up options, and nine different models, our goal is to have you riding the perfect e-bike for your lifestyle.


Everyone uses their bike for different reasons. With that in mind, we will work with you individually to ensure that you are comfortable and confident on your new ride. When you buy a bike from us, you join our family and a lasting relationship begins.


Our bikes range in price from $950 - $2200.
We also offer 6 and 12 month interest-free financing.
To see pictures and descriptions of our electric bike models, please click here.


ElectroBike was founded in Mexico City in 2010 with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint and emphasizing a healthier, more affordable method of transportation. As the e-biking industry exploded, ElectroBike entered the United States by opening its first store in Santa Monica, CA in 2014. Now, as the popularity of the electric bike continues to grow, people are searching for reliable and affordable options. With our flagship store in Atlanta, it is our hope to provide a spectrum of high quality, economical styles to whomever is searching for ways to change up their commute, get healthier, or just have fun.


Eric Hunger is president of ElectroBike Georgia. As an native Atlantan and former Global Vice President of Sales & Marketing for several manufacturing companies, Eric recently decided to trade in his business suit for a bicycle shop. After extensive research, he discovered that electric biking is the most time-efficient way -  no matter one's age or skill level as a rider - to comfortably move and commute within a hilly city, such as Atlanta. By bringing ElectroBike to Atlanta, Eric hopes to reduce car traffic by raising bike commuting awareness. Other than cycling, Eric is passionate about outdoor recreation, hiking and spending time with his family and Great Dane, Emma. Look for him in one of his shops or out on the trail!