Frequently Asked Questions: Electric Bikes


With regular pedaling, pedal-assist, and (sometimes) throttles on e-bikes, they are the ultimate riding machine. Perfect for fun, commuting, or exploring every street in the city. Depending on the style, these bikes can help you navigate between 20 - 70 miles per charge.


Pedal-assist uses sensors to gauge the rider's pedaling & provides assistance accordingly.
Throttles provide on-demand power, giving you a burst of speed when you need it.
Hub-motor e-bikes use a cadence sensor to read the rotation of the pedals.
Mid-drive motors utilize a torque sensor, which reads the riding pressure exerted on the pedals and simultaneously engages the motor in an extremely smooth and efficient way.


Of course! They are completely legal for trails, paths & the Atlanta Beltline.


Yes- our bikes can handle any sized downpour. Just do not submerge the motor or battery!


All of our Raleigh bikes are warrantied comprehensively for a full-year.


Plug your battery into a regular household outlet.
In 2-3 hours, the battery on almost every model we carry will be good to ride again!


The battery can only be charged by plugging it into a household wall outlet.
The more you pedal, the further and faster you can go, but pedaling will not charge the battery.


With proper care, the batteries should last 5+ years.


Our bikes require the same basic maintenance as a regular bike.
Keep air in the tires to avoid pinch-flats & clean/lube the chain every 75 miles or when needed.
Don’t leave your bike outside all the time! The elements really wear down/rust bike components.


BIG NEWS! The craze of electric scooters has hit Atlanta hard over the last year. To help our customers save money, support local business, and travel the last mile with ease, we now carry the MOMAS. This foldable e-scooter is made of durable, lightweight carbon, boasts a 250W motor & 36V battery combination, and has 3 levels of power! Come check out this scooter at our Brookhaven Electric Bike Showroom.


E-bikes get a bad rep from people who aren't familiar with them. As e-bikes become more popular and common on Atlanta's streets, we want to help people separate facts from fiction. When people take one of our e-bikes out for a test ride, they fall in love with them. They're just as comfortable and easy to use as a non-motored bicycle. Yet, e-bikes offer you the ease and safety of being powered up when you need that extra boost to get you up a hill. And, when you want to ride your e-bike just like a non-electric bicycle, you can pedal as much or as little as you want. Here are some common e-bike myths and facts that will help you make an informed buying decision.

E-bike myth #1: Electric bicycles are dangerously fast.

While electric bikes can go faster than a non-electric bicycle at coasting speed on a flat surface, most e-bikes won't go over 20mph on their own. If you pedal vigorously, you will hit a faster speed than 20mph, but you can do this on a regular bicycle as well. Most state and local laws limit e-bikes to 20mph max powered speed - which is a pretty safe speed for most people to control. Electric bikes aren't any more dangerous than the bike you'll find in your garage right now. 

 E-bike myth #2: Electric bicycles are too heavy.

Most non-electric mountain bikes & cruisers weight in the 25-30 lb. range. The addition of the motor on the e-bike does add weight. Our e-bike's weights fluctuate by style, but the average weight is around 50 lbs. The disadvantage of a heavier bike really only impacts those who have to carry their bike up multiple flights of stairs. Lifting your e-bike off and on a bike rack shouldn't be a problem for most people.

E-bike myth #3: Electric bicycles will clutter bike paths and trails.

Bike paths and bike trails are usually full of recreational enthusiasts on most days and weekends. The addition of e-bike riders isn't going to impact the amount of people on the trail any more than non e-bike riders will. Electric bikes don't create the same noise level as gas powered or electric scooters, so they blend in with the environment and are just another way to enjoy nature and Atlanta's bike trails.

E-bike myth #4: An e-bike will leave me stranded on longer rides.

You should always leave home with a fully charged e-bike to make sure you don't go further than you are charged up. But even if you do run out of a charge on a longer than expected ride, you can always use the pedals to power yourself back home. All of ElectroBike Georgia's e-bikes are capable of being ridden the old fashioned way - with pedal power!

E-bike myth #5: They're cheating. I won't get enough exercise if I ride an e-bike.

Most e-bike owners say that they spend more time outside on their bikes than they did when they had a non-electric bike. Studies have shown that electric bike owners get as much or more exercise on their bikes than they did prior to owning one. Electric bikes may be a motivating factor to go for more rides because you'll have the confidence to tackle the big hills in Atlanta knowing that you can fall back on the electric motor to propel you up the hills when you need it most. 

E-bike myth #6: Electric bicycles are too expensive.

Electric bikes do cost more than an entry level mountain bike from a big box store. We have a variety of bike styles and prices that can fit most budgets. The best thing to do is come into our store and see what we have to offer in your price range.

E-bike myth #7: They're bad for the environment.

Electric bikes are as energy efficient as a toaster. E-bikes don't emit toxic fumes because they run on electricity and battery power - not gasoline and engine oil. Electric bikes use batteries that charge via a standard wall outlet - just like your toaster - and don't leave bad environmental footprint. You'll find that your e-bike is energy efficient, doesn't emit toxic fumes, and has a more positive impact on the environment than your car or motorcycle.

"We’ll cut to the chase: electric bicycles, like their traditional counterparts, are much better for the environment than cars. In fact, electric bikes are six times more energy efficient than even rail transit, and their environmental impact echoes that of traditional bikes.

According to National Geographic, motor vehicles produce more than 30% of carbon dioxide, 80% of carbon monoxide, and 50% of nitrogen oxide emissions each year in the US. Much of this pollution is produced by commuters making short trips from home to work and back, and switching to an electric bicycle for these commutes cuts down on a huge amount of harmful emissions and fossil fuel usage." - Green Future

common ebike myths.jpg

E-bike Myth #8: Electric bikes are hard to maintain, and they break down a lot.

A lot of e-bike shop owners report that their e-bike customers ride bikes more often than non-electric bike owners. If you buy your e-bike from a local shop, you can easily take it in for a tune-up and regular maintenance. Engines that get used a lot may be prone to wear and tear, but buying from a local shop is the best way to make an electric bike purchase. They'll get to know you, your bike, and help you keep it maintained for years of bike riding pleasure.

E-bike myth #9: You need a license to drive an electric bike.

If you live in Georgia, you don't need a license to own or drive an electric bike. As long as the bike is not great than 1000 watt and has a max speed of 20 mph, you are good to go! 

E-bike myth #10: They're the same as mopeds or mini-bikes.

Mopeds & mini-bikes are not the same as electric bikes. While all three do propel you down the street unassisted, mopeds & mini-bikes require a license to operate. They generally run on gasoline and can keep up with normal non-highway traffic easily. Mopeds & mini-bikes aren't allowed on most of Atlanta's bike paths or bike trails. 

E-bike myth #11: E-bikes are loud and will be distracting on bike paths or trails.

E-bikes are pretty quiet so they won't generate a lot of extra noise to interfere with the beauty of nature. Unless you decide to get loud and rowdy, most people won't even know you are on an e-bike when you pass them on the trails. The loudest thing most people will hear from you is, "On your left."

E-bike myth #12: E-bikes are for older or weaker people who can't ride a standard bicycle.

This myth is one of the most tragic out there! E-bikes are for EVERYONE! They're just a blast! We sell e-bikes to commuters, weekend warriors, mountain bikers, and people who want to spend more time outside.


E-bike Myth #13: The battery doesn't last very long & they're expensive to charge.

E-bike batteries will take you about 25 to 70 miles on a single charge. Most people ride up to 25 miles for recreation, but not a lot of people ride much further unless they are training for bike race on a non-electric bike. If you are riding full-throttle, you'll run out of the battery faster. It's best on longer rides where you may go up to 70 miles to alternate between riding and pedaling to maximize the battery life.

If your e-bike isn't ridden much, you should charge it at least once a month. The cost of charging an e-bike is similar to using any home electronic. And, the more you ride your bike, the stronger the battery will be... but all batteries do deteriorate over time and will need to be replaced. ElectroBike Georgia can easily replace and dispose of old batteries as needed. 

electric bikes in atlanta electrobike georgia.jpg

Whether you are looking into e-bikes for commuting or adding power to your usual bike riding routine, come into ElectroBike Georgia for a test ride. We'll walk you through the advantages of our e-bikes and help you pick the right bike for your budget and planned use.


best electric bikes in atlanta

An electric bicycle, or e-bike, is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor that you can use to move yourself down the road without pedaling. The best electric bikes give you the freedom to express your personality in both style and function, and the best electric bike shops not only sell you an e-bike, they build a lifelong relationship with you and welcome you into the biking community.

We believe that our electric bikes are life-changing products. Every one of our customers gets individualized attention based on their needs and intended use of their bike. Our goal is to simplify the buying process and answer any and all of your questions so that you leave feeling comfortable and confident on your new ride.

We sell 9 different e-bike styles at ElectroBike Georgia so you can find the right e-bike for your needs. All of our electric bikes have three unique modes - traditional pedaling, pedal assist, and throttle - which give you the power to ride farther while flattening Atlanta's hills in the heat of summer.

"Electric bikes are the perfect balance between working out and fun! Change the way you move... and experience the city at your own pace no matter what your age is, no matter who you are." - ElectroBike Georgia

ElectroBike Georgia’s Best Value Electric Bikes

Right now, ElectroBike Georgia is running a special for the month of June 2017. You can buy two electric bikes for $1500. Choose from our SEAL, which is a 500 watt commuter e-bike, the ALFA PLUS folding e-bike, or the LIGHT city e-bike which is great to ride around Atlanta. Or you can pick up ElectroBike Georgia's LIGHT Model (which is a city e-bike) for $850 during the month June.

We hope you take advantage of our e-bike sale for Father's Day, so come in and take one of our electric bicycles for a test ride.  

Can’t make it in during June, we carry affordable e-bikes all year round. Our DASH model is $1000, and our STEEL model is $1100. Our STEEL electric bike is one of best value electric bikes, and it’s an excellent choice if you want an e-bike to commute in Atlanta. Call or stop in anytime to see what we have to offer.


Best Electric Mountain Bike at ElectroBike Georgia

If you are looking for an electric mountain bike, our CROSS model is the best mountain bike we offer and is priced competitively for the e-bike market. It's listed at $1800 and comes with a 7 year warranty on the frame plus a 5 year warranty on the battery and a 1 year warranty on the rest of the parts.

CROSS Electric Mountain Bike Hybrid Features

The CROSS Mountain E-bike has a 350 watt motor and 36 volt battery integrated into the frame so no one will know you are on an electric bicycle. This electric mountain bike features 27.5" wheels, handlebars with ergonomic grips for comfort, excellent Kenda mountain bike tires, disk brakes, and a LCD display screen for easy viewing. The CROSS gives you the fun and convenience of an electric bike, but it comes with 21 gears so you can adjust your gears based on the incline. It's perfect for riding the trails or commuting through town. You can attach some accessories to personalize your bike - like fender bosses or a water bottle cage. With a charge time of 2-3 hours, it's an excellent e-bike mountain bike hybrid to ride everywhere.


Best Lightweight E-bike

The LIGHT electric bicycle is simple, fast and fun. It's a classic street bike design with an external center mount battery to make your e-bike zoom. The 250 watt front wheel continuous electric motor is pedal-assisted and has a twist throttle control. The 3 speed SRAM kickback shifter give this cool lightweight e-bike the speed and convenience you want to get where you are going fast. 27" wheels let you tackle any terrain on your commute or through Atlanta's parks. The LIGHT e-bike comes in eye-catching colors, too. Choose from robin's egg blue, neon orange, matte white or canary yellow, and personalize it with a few accessories to make it yours.


Affordable Electric Bikes

ElectroBike Georgia has several affordable electric bicycle choices. Depending upon the sale, we have a few to offer to meet budget conscious buyers. Give the store a call to find out what's on sale, or stop in to see what we have available. For example, the STEEL at $1100 is priced well.

The STEEL electric bike has a 350 watt motor, 26" wheels and is designed for multiple purposes. It's probably the coolest, tough and affordable e-bike you've ever seen. Don't believe us? Come in for a test ride. The STEEL has an analog display and 6 speeds, which allows an exceptional riding experience for the novice or expert e-bike rider. Disc brakes let you stop on a dime when that jogger suddenly darts across your path on Atlanta's park trails. Take the STEEL electric bike out for a few hours and recharge at home later. Electric bikes, like the STEEL, make biking on a hot summer day fun.


Folding Electric Bikes at ElectroBike Georgia

We have 3 styles of folding electric bike so you can get up and go without having to store a huge bike in your house or office. Folding e-bikes are especially convenient for Atlanta's commuters who want to take an electric bike to the office but don't have the space to store it.

collapsible ebikes for commuting in atlanta best electric bikes

Our MAGNOS folding e-bike has all the features you want in an electric bike with all of the convenience. The MAGNOS e-bike features 5 levels of pedal-assist and throttle control, a seven speed Shimano shifter, disc brakes, and an integrated LED front light as well as a brake light to keep you safe. Striking 20" mag wheels make this bike stand-out. Disc brakes let you stop easily, and with a range of up to 30 miles, you can get to work and back on a single charge.

collapsible electric bikes for commuters

Our lightweight collapsible electric bike, the AIR-33 weighs in at 33lbs - which is almost half as much as most electric bicycles. It comes with an integrated motor built into the frame with a lockable and removable battery. The frame has a 4-point folding hinge which makes it strong, yet light. When folded up, you can still roll it down stairs or through your office easily so you won't have to carry it. The AIR-33 electric bike makes getting around town, across campus, or out for a tour of a city park so easy, you'll want to ride it everywhere.

The ALFA PLUS is another excellent choice for commuters, and is on sale during June. It has 6 gears to help propel you up hills or along Atlanta’s bike paths. It’s the right size to take on the bus, train or carry in your car or truck.


All-Around E-bike for Commuting in Atlanta

The SEAL 500 is the “Top Of The Line” of the ElectroBike fleet and an excellent bike for commuting in Atlanta. You can flatten Atlanta's hills with the SEAL’s 500 watt brushless motor. Easily get up the hills with the motor running and pedal on the downhill, or just coast and enjoy the ride.

With a one piece heavy-duty frame, the SEAL is a solid, reliable bike. 26" tires, a front fork suspension and disc brakes make for a smooth and easy ride over bumpy terrain. The SEAL features leather hand grips, a gel seat, LCD display, disc brakes, SR Suntour suspension fork and a streamlined frame. Go ahead, make your colleagues jealous when you roll up refreshed, wide awake and ready for the day when commuting on your e-bike to work. Avoid the traffic, get in some exercise on the ride home, and see why people are switching to commuting on an e-bike.


Entry-Level E-bikes for All Ages

Looking for an electric bike to ride across campus or take for an easy cruise to the store? The DASH electric bike has an easy step through frame which is perfect all ages and people who don't want to throw their leg over a center frame. You can place your books on the carrier over the back tire so you don't have to wear a backpack while riding. Get creative and customize the carrier with a basket for quick trips to the farmer's market or put your Yorkie in a cute basket on back for a leisurely ride in the neighborhood with your favorite lap-dog.

riding an ebike with a yorkie

With a 350 watt motor, you'll be comfortable on hills or when using the pedals to get some exercise. If you are looking for an affordable electric bike for your parents or grandparents, this is also a great choice. It's one of the most affordable and versatile e-bikes in our line, and the DASH has all the features of the other electric bikes including cruise control.

Even though there aren't beaches in Atlanta, the DASH will let your mind wander to sea salt spray, summer vibes and breezy beach days. Come in for a ride, and see why step through frames are a versatile e-bike choice.

fat tire electric bike kenda juggernaut tires

Kenda Juggernaut Fat Tire Electric Bike

Last, but not least, the SLIM Fat Tire Electric bike is simply, EPIC. The big, fat tires make a striking presence when on the road, and the comfort of the ride can't be beat. With a lighter frame, but wider tires, you get a good mix of details to turn heads. Take the SLIM to work, to Savannah on vacation, ride it in the rain, or test it in the snow in winter... not winter in Atlanta, but you can take it up to the mountains and test the fat tires where the actually GET snow!

With a 500 watt motor, you'll be able to push through nature’s elements easily. The SLIM features leather hand grips, a center-mounted LCD screen which displays speed, temperature, distance traveled, and more, plus disc brakes, anodized rims, and Kenda Juggernaut FAT tires. The SLIM is an EPIC electric bike to ride, and definitely a unique look for a bold personality.

ElectroBike Georgia has all the bikes above available in store for test rides. We'd love to help you find the best e-bike for you or a family member today. When you buy one of our nine models, you join the ElectroBike Georgia family. We'll be here to help you with any questions or technical issues that arise. All of our bikes come with a 7 year frame warranty, a 5 year battery warranty and a 1 year parts warranty - you can be assured that we stand behind our products.

Some Common Electric Bike Questions Answered:

Do you need a license to drive an electric bike?

Unlike a motorcycle, electric bikes don't require a license. Our electric bikes are trail ready, street legal and ready to roll.

How far can you go on an electric bike?

Most of our electric bikes can travel from 25-30 miles with pedal assist on a single charge. This is typical of most electric bike brands on the market.

Can you pedal an electric bike?

Of course! You can use any of ElectroBike Georgia's bikes without the motor running.

Are electric bikes street legal?

ElectroBike Georgia's electric bicycles are all street legal and ready to hit the road when you are.

Call us today at (404) 400-7132 with any questions and stop by for a ride.


Commuting in Atlanta

Commuting in Atlanta

We get it!

Your commute in Atlanta is too long with the I-85 bridge collapse.

You're tired of being stuck in traffic, sitting in your car watching the lady one car over put on make-up or seeing the millennial with his head down texting friends.

You're simply sick of this mind-numbing commute.

You fantasize about spending more time outside, getting exercise, smelling the flowers, connecting with nature and feeling at peace with your inner-self.

The bridge collapse is not helping you with this.


You Need a Change Now

We have a solution that will pay you back with control over your commute, time in nature, an opportunity for detours to smell the roses, and zero time sitting in your car stuck in traffic while they rebuild I-85.

You can even get up to $150 by using an alternative commute option in Atlanta. 

Getting around in Atlanta with the bridge disaster has been a commuter's nightmare scenario.

Even before the I-85 bridge collapse affecting Atlanta, people have been shedding their cars in lieu of more relaxing means of transportation.

The I-85 bridge collapse is an opportunity for you to find yourself... on an electric bike cruising the side streets avoiding long lines of commuters going nowhere.

At ElectroBike Georgia, we have the solution that will pay you to get out of your car and enjoy an alternate means of transportation.


Atlanta Commuter Options

The Georgia Commuters Options pays you $5 a Day to commute on an Electric Bike in Atlanta.

By switching from driving alone in your car, you can make up to $150 over a 90 day period by commuting to work on an electric bicycle.

If you live in Barrow, Bartow, Carroll, Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Hall, Henry, Newton, Paulding, Rockdale, Spalding, Walton counties, use an alternate form of transportation - which an electric bike falls into - like carpooling, vanpooling, riding transit, teleworking, bicycling or walking, and haven't been part of the $3 a Day program, you can qualify for up to $150 dollars. Learn More Here


Why Buy an Electric Bicycle and Switch to Biking to Work?

Aside from the obvious - saving money - you'll save your sanity.

An electric bicycle has advantages over commuting by car in Atlanta.

An electric bike commute in Atlanta will help you detox from the extended time you spend sitting before and after work.

It's bad enough that you sit in an office all day (longing to be outside). With an electric bike, you can ride to work and enjoy being outdoors at the same time.

Electric bikes, also known as pedal assisted bicycles, let you either pedal on your own or switch over to an electric motor which will pedal the bike for you.

This is a bonus if you want to avoid sweating from a strenuous ride to work on a bicycle. You'll be able to ride up hill pedal assisted and coast down the other side or pedal when you want to get some exercise.

An electric bicycle lets you avoid waiting in long traffic lines, especially with the I-85 bridge collapse affecting so many of Atlanta's commuters.

Get off the main roads and find your own way weaving down less busy streets on your electric bicycle.

You're also likely to get to work faster than your colleagues in cars because you won't be stuck on the same streets, at the same stop lights, dealing with the same problems the other Atlanta commuters avoiding I-85 are facing.

Ride your electric bicycle in Atlanta's bike lanes to avoid the long commute.

Ride your electric bicycle in Atlanta's bike lanes to avoid the long commute.


The Electric Bicycle Commute in Atlanta

With an electric bicycle, your commute home will give you time to unwind and help you with your fitness goals.

Didn't get up from your desk all day?

Don't worry... your pedal assisted bike let's you work-out on the way home.

Switch from electric pedal-assisted mode to self-powered when you want to burn extra calories on the uphill or when you want to or push yourself by sprinting on the flats.

Easily make the change from electric to self-driving mode and fulfill your fitness goals in transit.

An electric bike commute in Atlanta has other benefits...

You won't need to listen to the traffic report for the drive to and from work.

If you commute to downtown, avoid paying for parking.

No car, no parking fees!

Simply bike to your office and lock your bike up outside or take one of our collapsible bikes inside and stow it away out of sight.

Forget filling up the tank on Monday morning.

Your electric bike will cut down on your fill-ups and reduce wear and tear on your car.

You may even save money on insurance if your insurance company offers lower pricing for less driving.

And, while everyone is struggling to navigate ridiculous commute because of the bridge collapse, you're loving your commute and detours through so many of Atlanta's bike friendly parks.


ElectroBike Georgia Solution

If the I-85 bridge collapse has affected your Atlanta commute, there's good news.

Stop into ElectroBike Georgia, Atlanta's premier electric bicycle shop, to learn about our pedal assisted electric bicycle solutions that will get your commute on track.

All of our electric bikes have three modes - traditional pedaling, pedal assist, and throttle.

We give you the opportunity to get fit, ride further and flatten Atlanta's hills.

We offer 0% financing on our electric bicycles. We offer nine different electric bicycle models including mountain bikes, fat tire electric bikes and collapsible electric bikes for small space but big rides.

At ElectroBike Georgia, our goal is to make buying an electric bicycle simple, affordable, and an expression of your personality.

We'd love to have you stop into our store for a test ride.  Call us at (404) 400-7132 with any questions or learn more about some of the most common questions by reading our FAQ page.

See you soon! ElectroBike Georgia - 2484 Briarcliff Road NE #25,  Atlanta, GA 30329



With the addition of the Air-33, the lightest folding e-bike in the market, ElectroBike Georgia now offers three diverse options for easily collapsible electric bikes! We currently have the only full-service electric bike shop in Atlanta and with our nine different models and vibrant color options, we have a bicycle for commuters, city riders, or those who just plan to use it for recreation.