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Commuting in Atlanta

Commuting in Atlanta

We get it!

Your commute in Atlanta is too long with the I-85 bridge collapse.

You're tired of being stuck in traffic, sitting in your car watching the lady one car over put on make-up or seeing the millennial with his head down texting friends.

You're simply sick of this mind-numbing commute.

You fantasize about spending more time outside, getting exercise, smelling the flowers, connecting with nature and feeling at peace with your inner-self.

The bridge collapse is not helping you with this.


You Need a Change Now

We have a solution that will pay you back with control over your commute, time in nature, an opportunity for detours to smell the roses, and zero time sitting in your car stuck in traffic while they rebuild I-85.

You can even get up to $150 by using an alternative commute option in Atlanta. 

Getting around in Atlanta with the bridge disaster has been a commuter's nightmare scenario.

Even before the I-85 bridge collapse affecting Atlanta, people have been shedding their cars in lieu of more relaxing means of transportation.

The I-85 bridge collapse is an opportunity for you to find yourself... on an electric bike cruising the side streets avoiding long lines of commuters going nowhere.

At ElectroBike Georgia, we have the solution that will pay you to get out of your car and enjoy an alternate means of transportation.


Atlanta Commuter Options

The Georgia Commuters Options pays you $5 a Day to commute on an Electric Bike in Atlanta.

By switching from driving alone in your car, you can make up to $150 over a 90 day period by commuting to work on an electric bicycle.

If you live in Barrow, Bartow, Carroll, Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Hall, Henry, Newton, Paulding, Rockdale, Spalding, Walton counties, use an alternate form of transportation - which an electric bike falls into - like carpooling, vanpooling, riding transit, teleworking, bicycling or walking, and haven't been part of the $3 a Day program, you can qualify for up to $150 dollars. Learn More Here


Why Buy an Electric Bicycle and Switch to Biking to Work?

Aside from the obvious - saving money - you'll save your sanity.

An electric bicycle has advantages over commuting by car in Atlanta.

An electric bike commute in Atlanta will help you detox from the extended time you spend sitting before and after work.

It's bad enough that you sit in an office all day (longing to be outside). With an electric bike, you can ride to work and enjoy being outdoors at the same time.

Electric bikes, also known as pedal assisted bicycles, let you either pedal on your own or switch over to an electric motor which will pedal the bike for you.

This is a bonus if you want to avoid sweating from a strenuous ride to work on a bicycle. You'll be able to ride up hill pedal assisted and coast down the other side or pedal when you want to get some exercise.

An electric bicycle lets you avoid waiting in long traffic lines, especially with the I-85 bridge collapse affecting so many of Atlanta's commuters.

Get off the main roads and find your own way weaving down less busy streets on your electric bicycle.

You're also likely to get to work faster than your colleagues in cars because you won't be stuck on the same streets, at the same stop lights, dealing with the same problems the other Atlanta commuters avoiding I-85 are facing.

Ride your electric bicycle in Atlanta's bike lanes to avoid the long commute.

Ride your electric bicycle in Atlanta's bike lanes to avoid the long commute.


The Electric Bicycle Commute in Atlanta

With an electric bicycle, your commute home will give you time to unwind and help you with your fitness goals.

Didn't get up from your desk all day?

Don't worry... your pedal assisted bike let's you work-out on the way home.

Switch from electric pedal-assisted mode to self-powered when you want to burn extra calories on the uphill or when you want to or push yourself by sprinting on the flats.

Easily make the change from electric to self-driving mode and fulfill your fitness goals in transit.

An electric bike commute in Atlanta has other benefits...

You won't need to listen to the traffic report for the drive to and from work.

If you commute to downtown, avoid paying for parking.

No car, no parking fees!

Simply bike to your office and lock your bike up outside or take one of our collapsible bikes inside and stow it away out of sight.

Forget filling up the tank on Monday morning.

Your electric bike will cut down on your fill-ups and reduce wear and tear on your car.

You may even save money on insurance if your insurance company offers lower pricing for less driving.

And, while everyone is struggling to navigate ridiculous commute because of the bridge collapse, you're loving your commute and detours through so many of Atlanta's bike friendly parks.


ElectroBike Georgia Solution

If the I-85 bridge collapse has affected your Atlanta commute, there's good news.

Stop into ElectroBike Georgia, Atlanta's premier electric bicycle shop, to learn about our pedal assisted electric bicycle solutions that will get your commute on track.

All of our electric bikes have three modes - traditional pedaling, pedal assist, and throttle.

We give you the opportunity to get fit, ride further and flatten Atlanta's hills.

We offer 0% financing on our electric bicycles. We offer nine different electric bicycle models including mountain bikes, fat tire electric bikes and collapsible electric bikes for small space but big rides.

At ElectroBike Georgia, our goal is to make buying an electric bicycle simple, affordable, and an expression of your personality.

We'd love to have you stop into our store for a test ride.  Call us at (404) 400-7132 with any questions or learn more about some of the most common questions by reading our FAQ page.

See you soon! ElectroBike Georgia - 2484 Briarcliff Road NE #25,  Atlanta, GA 30329