What IS AN ElectrIC BIKE?

With regular pedaling, pedal-assist, and throttle on every model, e-bikes are three-bikes-in-one!
Lithium-ion batteries help you navigate the city with 25 - 65 miles per charge (depending on the model).

What type of warranty comes with OUR BIKES?

All of our bikes come with a 7-year warranty on the frame and one year on manufactured parts.
Brakes and tires excluded.

What is pedal assist and throttle?

Pedal-assist uses sensors (cadence or torque) to gauge the rider's pedaling & provides assistance accordingly.
Throttles provide on-demand power, giving you a burst of speed when you need it.

Are E-BIKES allowed on bicycle trails and the Beltline? 

Of course! They are completely legal for trails, paths & the Atlanta Beltline.

Can you ride an ElectroBike in the rain?

Yes- our bikes can handle any sized downpour. Just do not submerge the motor or battery!

Are E-BIKEs noisy? 

Not at all.
Our bikes are equipped with either brushless hub motors or Shimano/Bosch mid-drive systems.

How often do you have to recharge the battery? 

Plug your battery into a regular household outlet and in 3 hours, your battery will go from 0% to fully charged.

Can I charge the battery by pedaling?

The battery can only be charged by plugging it into a household wall outlet.
The more you pedal, the further and faster you can go, but pedaling will not charge the battery.

How long until a battery needs to be replaced?

With proper care, the batteries should last 5+ years.

What type of maintenance do electric bicycles require?

Our bikes require the same basic maintenance as a regular bike.
Keep air in the tires to avoid pinch-flats & clean/lube the chain every 75 miles.