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Monday MotorBikes ANZA 750S

The Monday Motorbikes Anza 750S carries the classic proportions of a 1980s Cafe Racer. The Anza 750S matches a 750W hub motor with a 14Ah x 48V lithium battery and hydraulic front and rear disk brakes for a very efficient solution to the neighborhood and campus commute. The 750W configuration offers 3 ride modes with speeds up to 28 MPH in a very quick, high-torque, lightweight package. The Anza V3 bundles a well-padded seat, CST Tourance tires, handlebar risers, a powerful 7” headlight, and an attitude.  The Anza 750S features T6, aircraft grade, aluminum construction, stainless fasteners, and water-resistant connectors to create a riding experience ready for all weather and all seasons.

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