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Monday MotorBikes Presidio 750S

The Presidio is our step-through version of the classic Cafe Racer.  Step through and jump over with a full front and rear suspension with adjustable pre-loads to tune the springs to your comfort.  Presidio offers spoked wheels, a long padded saddle to support your favorite riding position, raised handlebars and hydraulic brakes.  Safety first with a powerful headlight, taillight, and brake light plus reflectors all around.  Presidio also supports popular trailers to get your groceries home, sports equipment to practice and kids to the park. The Presidio is a 750W bike with a high capacity 48V x 14Ah battery and an optional 17.5 Ah battery.  Easy to ride and easy to handle for your weekday ride and weekend exploration where the pavement meets the trail. Ruggedly built using aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless fasteners, and water-resistant connectors throughout.

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